Love and Hip Hop Atlanta continued to bring the drama last night.

Stevie J and Benzino's fiancee, Althea, haven't seen eye to eye since she revealed to Zino her sexual past with his good friend. Monday night, things got heated on Twitter when Stevie posted a semi-nude photo of Althea.

Their argument began early Tuesday morning on Twitter when Stevie J posted a photo of Althea performing oral sex on an unidentified man.

"Lettuce anyone?" the producer captioned the photo.

Althea responded by saying the photo was her and Benzino.

"that's me and Zino what u want tickets???" she said.

Stevie responded with the questionable tweet:

"@Althea_Heart: "@hitmansteviej: Lettuce anyone?? that's me and Zino what u want tickets ??>>already been to the zoo.

When a fan asked him if that was his version of confessing that he slept with his friend's fiancee, he gave a clever answer.

Check out his answer and the rest of the heated exchange above.

Source: Twitter