The monumental Total Slaughter event that occurred on Saturday, July 12th, managed to attract a whole new wave of fans to the Battle Rap culture.  For many who attended the event who've never seen a battle before, it was an incredibly eye-opening experience.  Meanwhile, for many pre-existing fans, it may not have been all that it was hyped up to be.  Regardless of personal preference, no one can deny the fact that the unexpected occurred in almost every battle on the card.  

Mook locking down a clear and virtually flawless victory over the fan favorite Loaded Lux was completely shocking to see.  Daylyt coming out in a Spawn outfit was breathtaking initially, even if seeing him strip down during battles has become customary behavior.  Arsonal's elevated performance against a focused Big T was very impressive, and Joe Budden's repeated "stop my time" line became one of the big highlights from his battle vs. Hollow Da Don.  

Each key moment in the battle became highlighted by fans and a source of many funny memes.  Check out the many memes spawned by the events that took place at Total Slaughter in the above slide.