An undated video of Joseline Hernandez of Love and Hip Hop ATL surfaced online over the weekend with the reality star possibly rapping, and taking shots at one of the biggest female rappers today.

In the video, the reality star is seen screaming at the top of lungs while she delivers a freestyle.

Some of her questionable bars include:

"Ri-Ri, Beyonce, Lady motherf***ing Gaga, Rihanna, you got Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Katy Perry, you h**es [are b****es] I ride around and I get it, I'm real in the this b****, i'm too nice to spit for three hours I spit it."

She also managed to throw a few jabs at Nicki Minaj, who happens to be a fan of the show.

"Nicki please b**** this is how you go ham, get on this b*** and you spit it like this."

While the footage was originally posted to Instagram, pieces of the freestyle were seen on YouTube.

Check out the 'freestyle,' and what Joseline had to say on Twitter about the leak above.

Source: YouTube