Kevin Hart's newfound success has struck a chord with his critics.

With his films topping the box office, the comedian is now seen as a box office darling. Some of his critics believe while he's delivering the laughs, he's also painting African Americans in a negative light.

Online radio station Real Brother Radio addressed their issues with Hart in a heated Twitter exchange this morning.

The Twitter handle under the station, 'BRNETWORK' says that the comedian gives into stereotypes of African Americans in his films, and chooses money over principle when it comes to making quality films.

"No I differentiate b/t telling Kevin Hart to do better and Black Idiots who want his favor attacking me for doing so." he tweeted as a defense for his views on Hart.

Hart responded to the conversation with humor.

"Lmfao @RBRNETWORK is the only real brother on his network!!! You're the last black panther man...Good luck with ur movement." 

"Yes I'm contributing to change because Kevin now is aware he can and will do better." the user responded.

The exchanges didn't end there. Another user 'KINGRICH_MH' gave his insight on Hart and his films.

"Like thats all you got is money huh? Smh we know thats all you got cause you ain't got no morals." he tweeted. He also accused the actor of ruining the culture by crossdressing in his films.

"Damn dawg @KevinHart4real we can work this out if you just keep it real wit us you crossdressed to get some money lil n****"

Hart proceeded to roast the user in a slew of Twitter responses.

"Quick history lesson @KINGRICH_MH ..."Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor...Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, Robin Williams, I can keep going if u like...they are all legends who wore a Dress...." he tweeted.

He continued with a few more jabs.

"Can somebody tell @KINGRICH_MH that he's not "Wale" and that his eyebrows look like 2 thick mustaches....I'm on fire this morning!!! #Boom"

Take a look at more of his exchanges with the users above. Do you think the Twitter critics have point?

Source: Twitter