Lord Jamar sat down with VladTV once again and shared his take on Iggy Azalea's success, saying the industry is pushing Iggy, much more than they push the typical new artist, because she's pretty and white.

Jamar insists Iggy is being positioned to replace Nicki Minaj in Hip-Hop largely due to white privilege, but questions her authenticity as a rapper because she's from Australia yet raps with a Southern American accent, saying she's almost a caricature of a black MC.

Another femcee, Snow tha Product, was brought up in conversation, and Jamar says he knew three years ago that Iggy would be the one between the two to blow up first. When told that Snow is actually a good lyricist, Lord Jamar says he's not surprised she hasn't made it further because the game isn't about skill anymore, but popularity and presentation.

Check out the interview above.