Mindless Behavior member Roc Royal posted a video to his Instagram account on Wednesday (July 10), which allegedly showed him beating an older man on a bicycle. He later deleted the footage, but not before it was uploaded to YouTube where it's being shared by thousands. 

Details are still unclear on why Roc beat the man, but sources close to the situation say that the man owed him money. Royal also posted and deleted a series of tweets soon after the video hit the web that seem to shed light on the situation. 

Roc started out by saying, "I'm just a lil one out here on my own, no mom because she stay taking from me & no father because he wasn't around until all this happened. You guys would only know half of my story, only what's on screen & definitely not behind scenes. But sorry for my misbehavior guys I reacted so fast because the fact I gave him a past [sic] many times and every single time there was excuses. Sometimes it sucks waiting on somebody else time to get what they promised you, if you said a specific day & time for my money than I want my stuff [sic]." 

Check out the video and tweets in the above slide and let us know what you think. 

Source: Twitter