Iggy Azalea has been all over the news lately for both her music accolades and perceived beef with Nicki Minaj, and now it seems there's a damaging photo floating around of her. Q-Tip picked up the image of Iggy hanging with T.I., Drake, and B.o.B. that was captioned "Me and Ma N*****s <3," and questioned the validity of the photo. 

He started out by captioning the tweet "Ummmmmmmm," and later asked, "That HAS to be fake right y'all?" Fans weighed in on whether they thought the Facebook post was real or not, with one person adding, "@QtipTheAbstract it is fake man that's not even her facebook and her marketing team runs it, come on :/" 

While Iggy didn't directly address the photo, she did seem aggravated with the "bullsh*t" rumors being spread about her, "Every time I'm on twitter it's some bullsh*t. F*cckiiinngggg hellllll... Well, besides this whole jimmy thing which made my day." 

Check out the tweets in the above slide and let us know what you think. 

Source: Twitter