Lil durk sat down with VladTV and explained exactly what started his beef with Tyga, saying it was a lyric he wrote about Tyga's girlfriend Blac Chyna that set the feud in motion, the line being:

"What do strippers swallow? Maliah, Blac Chyna, just don't tell Tyga."

Durk says Tyga heard the track, asked him to change the line, and then made plans to collaborate. Tyga kept checking in to see if the line had been changed before actually sending over his verse, so Durk thought Tyga was only trying to bamboozle him into changing the lyric. Tyga never sent the verse, so Durk never changed the line. The two haven't spoken since, although Durk insists he has no problems with Tyga at this point.

The Chicago rapper then explains the concept of "sneak dissing," saying it's basically talking negatively about someone when that person isn't around, with Durk remarking that he's had to deal with it with people he thought were friends.

Check out the Q&A above.