Over the holiday weekend, 50 Cent and his G-Unit gang were showing off their cooking skills at their private BBQ via Instagram, but 50 made a little room for a Diddy insult as well.

The rapper posted a video with drinks of his choice such as Moet, Tequila, Hennessy, and other popular drinks. He even included a mini bottle of his one-time friend Diddy's Ciroc vodka in the stash of drinks.

"It's on in here... we show everybody love," he said. "We even got a little bit of Puffy juice. Just the bite sized portion. N**** I don't f*** with you."

The two have had multiple problems in the past. 50 has voiced his opinion of Diddy and his business tactics, and called his "Big Homie" single garbage.

Check out the clip above.

Source: instagram