Ginuwine recently shared a photo of his daughter surrounded by dollar bills on Instagram, prompting his followers to believe that she was involved in stripping. The R&B singer initially uploaded the photo with the caption, "My daughter just came in. Should I be worried?," and later changed it to, "Man I gotta stay home more. This is getting catastrophic." 

While fans continued to guess at what was going on in the photo, Ginuwine's wife, Sole stepped forward to clear things up. She commented on the photo, writing, "That was NOT my daughters money that @Ginuwine posted.. It was HIS & his sick idea of a joke..Been trying to keep silent but he needs help. I've remained silent but my child will not be publicly humiliated by a sick joke by some1 whos judgement is impaired."

Check out the photos in the above slide and let us know what you think.

Source: Instagram