The entire culture of Battle Rap was left utterly stunned after news broke that Dizaster actually punched Math Hoffa during their KOTD BOLA 5 battle.  Many battlers and fans have been tweeting nonstop about the huge fight ever since footage was leaked.  Given the fact that Math was attacked by multiple people, and hit with some pretty clean shots, everyone has been wondering what exactly his face looked like immediately following the battle.  Well, similar to what he did after his second altercation with Serius Jones inside of a Miami nightclub, Math took to Instagram to silence all of the rumors that his face suffered some severe damage.

Hoffa posted a single photo on his Instagram account that let everyone know that he was fine and walked away from the fight with little to no injuries.  He captioned the picture, "B*tches ripped my new shirt... #f*ckit," as he smiled at the camera from ear-to-ear.  Fans have since shared their thoughts on what happened between Math and Dizaster after seeing the picture of his face.  It also seems as though Daylyt is trying to do what he can to prevent any further East Coast vs West Coast conflicts from arriving.  He tweeted that Diz and Math "gotta catch the fair one" in order to officially settle the drama.

Check out Math Hoffa's face post-fight vs Dizaster, along with fight footage and fan reactions in the above slide.  If you'd like the full breakdown of the fight, which includes conspiracy theories and other drama, you can view it here.

Update: Just one day after the fight, Math posted a follow-up picture of the right side of his face to show that no damage was done despite fans saying that his eye was swollen.  Also, 100 Bars Magazine captured clear footage of the entire brawl, which shows multiple individuals attacking Math Hoffa at various parts of the incident.  Official KOTD footage from the fight has also been released online.  Check out the updated footage above.