Rapper Ra Diggs trial, where a witness claimed Diggs almost killed rapper Jim Jones, has come to an end, and the Brooklyn-born rapper has been found guilty on 21 counts of murder after a jury deliberated for just one day.

According to the NY Post, Diggs showed no reaction after the verdict was read, while his family seated behind him cried openly in the court gallery.

Diggs, legal name Ronald Herron, now faces a mandatory life sentence in prison for the slayings, many connected to drug-related racketeering.

Herron is associated with artists such as Uncle Murda and Waka Flocka, and was considered to be on the come-up when the trial began. A number of his YouTube videos were used against him by prosecutors who claim they illustrated his "gangster lifestyle," and they accused him of being a ruthless Blood and drug lord who rose in the ranks to the top of the Gowanus drug game. Herron's lawyers argued that the videos are fictional accounts of his tough Brooklyn upbringing, and that he's been cleaning up his act since previously beating a state murder case. The jury didn't buy it.

His sentencing date is set for October.

Source: bossip.com