Aaron Hall spoke very passionately about his history with Gloria Velez in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.  

Aaron, who has a son with Gloria, recalled meeting her while she was standing with Jamaican dancehall artist Mad Lion, while Big Pun, Fat Joe, Method Man and others were around.  While Uncle Luke previously claimed to have been the one who introduced Aaron to Gloria, Aaron claims that is untrue, and according to him he simply got out of his limo, "grabbed her hand, went upstairs and f*cked her."  

The Bronx-born musician stated that he didn't even say anything to Gloria to entice her to come upstairs with him since he had a speech impediment at the time.  He detailed how every guy was after her at the time, but so many were afraid to actually approach her, which is why he stepped to her full of confidence and swiftly took her to his room.  Three days after their encounter, Aaron recalled Gloria getting "Aaron's" tattooed right above her vagina.  He stated that he has nothing but love for her despite their drama-filled past, due to the fact that she gave birth to his son.