Rap group Migos may be one of the hottest in Hip-Hop, but they're catching some real heat now, as the crew is refusing to cooperate with authorities in finding the murderer of one of their fans.

The victim, Paris Brown, was killed by a stray bullet police believe was intended for Migos member Kiari Cephus. Surveillance footage shows two men with guns walking down a hallway to the party Migos threw for fans. 10 seconds later you see the two men running back, still firing.

Police have arrested one man, Cory Marzette of Migos' rival group, 2G. They have yet to track down the other shooter. Police say they asked Cephus about the shooting but say he was more concerned with his street cred than helping solve the murder of an innocent victim. 

"We know he was there, however he would not cooperate with the investigation," police said.

A battle between 2G and Migos has reportedly been going on for months with several incidents throughout Gwinnett County, GA. Police believe 2G is behind the murder.

Source: WSBTV