The beautiful Kaylin Garcia stopped by the VladTV offices and discussed having men sign a dating contract to be with her, the rumor that she was intimate with rapper/comedian Steven Jo, and the kind of thirsty DM's she gets from guys and girls alike.

Garcia described some of the outrageous messages she receives on Twitter and Instagram, including a man sending her a video of him pleasing himself. She says women send her nudes as well, saying she doesn't know what to do with them as she's currently celibate.

Kaylin then revealed that she has potential boyfriends sign a contract before they can begin dating, saying they're not allowed to slander her name if/when they break up.

Lastly she addressed the rumor that she and Steven Jo were intimate, saying it's completely false. However, she says she does know him and did one video for him a very long time ago, and claims that now he's just "dragging her name for fame."

Check out the Q&A above.