Math Hoffa spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the shocking racial drama surrounding Justin Bieber.  While many people were quick to pounce on Bieber for the two videos that were released which show him telling a racist joke and singing about killing black people and joining the KKK, Math wasn't nearly as critical, and assessed the situation from both sides of the spectrum.  

He stated that he doesn't believe Bieber is racist, and understands that he made the comments when he was in his early teenage years when he may not have had an awareness of the negative sides of his words.  Math related the Bieber situation to himself as a youth, and how he would tell a "vicious" joke until he grew to understand the history behind it better, at which point he stopped telling it.  The fact that Bieber made the comments so casually in the videos lead Math to believe that he must've been hanging around people who cosigned that behavior, so therefore it seems clear that Bieber wasn't being taught that joking around about race is wrong in many ways.  

Math concluded by speaking on the uses of the word "ni**a" in present society, and how black people, or people of a mixed ethnic background, use it to describe many things not related to race.  He believes that the black community is comfortable saying it which makes everyone else want to be comfortable using the word in their vocabulary as well.