Hollow Da Don spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about Cassidy ignoring $40,000 to battle, in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.

In the past, Battle Journalist Michael Hughes had asked Cassidy to share his opinion on the culture expanding to the point where Loaded Lux was awarded $40k, which is the highest payday ever in Battle Rap. Cassidy wasn't impressed with the numbers, however, and stated that "$40k ain't nothing to battle."

Even though Hollow is a fan of Cassidy, he believes that he's just "in the way" when it comes to Battle Rap, given the opinions that Cassidy has shared regarding modern day battling.  Hollow stated that he doesn't personally know what Cassidy's financial situation is like, but he did reference Joe Budden who previously stated that he doesn't believe Cassidy is making $30-$40k to do shows or other musical projects.  Hollow thinks that if Cassidy were to return, he has the skills to contend with certain battlers, but at the same time he'd have to adapt from his older bar structures.