Joey Bada$$ opens up about his highly anticipated album, "B4.Da.$$," and says the title is a play off his name. The Brooklyn native adds that the music will take listeners on a path through his life, or anyone's life, for that matter, before they made it to their dream position. 

While he doesn't reveal much about the album, including its release date, Joey does disclose that he is working with DJ Premier on the project. When asked to choose between Dr. Dre and DJ Premier as the best producer, the "My Yout" rapper says he would actually put J Dilla at the top of his list. He explains that while he has a lot of love for Premier, every time he hears a J Dilla beat, it hits him in his soul. 

After DJ Vlad mentions that J Dilla beats will occasionally pop up in newer songs, Joey reveals that he was able to snag one of the late producer's beats for his upcoming project.