Legendary rapper Chuck D spoke out in protest of the liberal use of the n-word during Hot 97's Summer Jam concert, ridiculing "what a sloppy fiasco (the station) has made of Hip-Hop." The Public Enemy emcee didn't let up with his thoughts on Twitter, spurring Hot 97 host Peter Rosenberg to label the Queens rapper's comments  "trolling." 

Rosenberg addressed the situation on his show "The Realness," questioning what Chuck has done for Hip-Hop lately while also paying respect to his legacy. 

"Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop. We love you. You're a forefather of this game, you contributed, but we did not elect you president of this culture. No one owns Hip Hop. What are you doing to support this culture besides tweeting confusing messages in 140 characters of less? What are you doing? Cause if all you're doing is trolling on Twitter, you ain't doing that much."

The "Fight the Power" rapper shot back at Rosenberg's comments, saying that the radio host doesn't know the meaning of "trolling." He added that it was time to move on from the situation, and clarified that he uses his Twitter page for promoting his services for artists. 

Peep the above slide to see Chuck D's rant on Hot 97 and his response to Rosenberg.