Dame Dash went on The Combat Jack Show for an extensive interview during which he responded to Funkmaster Flex's recent rant against him, and his dislike for Hip-Hop "culture vultures" like music industry giant Lyor Cohen, whom he feels exploits the culture for profit.

Dash says he doesn't expect Flex to understand his perspective because they are cut from two different cloths, as Flex & Ebro of Hot 97 have "worker" mentalities and will go hard for corporations that cut their checks, yet don't care about the culture. He also feels that Lyor Cohen & Joie Manda hyped Flex up into defending them.

When the conversation turns to Steve Stoute, Dash says point blank that he doesn't like him, and shares stories of Stoute being made fun of and screamed at by a number of Hip-Hop artists over the years. He also accuses Stoute of being an opportunist who rode the wave of whoever was "hot" and didn't display any kind of loyalty. He also claims Stoute had a bad habit of telling other people's business.

He details a moment when a bet gone wrong led to Dash having to put hands on the Translation CEO:

I had been playing basketball in the Hamptons, and had broke my foot...I was like 'by the way, you owe me $18,000'...he was like 'I'm not paying you.' So I limped over and said, 'Yo I think you need to get out of my office,' and I'm not condoning this, I'm not proud of it, but...I smacked the sh*t out of him."

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Source: The Combat Jack Show