In a recent interview with Channel 7's Sunrise, both T-Boz & Chilli had a few words for Rihanna, saying that they became one of the biggest girl groups in history without having to sell sex, unlike the Barbadian singer:

"Every time I see you, you don't have to be naked," T-Boz said about Rihanna. "It's easy to sell sex."

"We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot," Chilli added. "We could go around too with booby cakes out all day long."

Rihanna caught wind of the interview and quickly clapped back via Twitter, posting a promo photo of TLC with their chests out as her cover pic, and saying she doesn't care what the "old thots" have to say.

Peep Riri's tweets above. Does TLC have a point about selling sex, or are they being hypocritical? Sound off below.