Since Instagram first hit the web, it has grown to become one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world.  Even though it has credible competitors, the influence that Instagram has on pop culture never seems to dwindle, especially since it's allowed people to get an intimate 24/7 peek into the lives of many of their favorite celebrities.  One way to gauge the influence that a celebrity has on the masses is by the number of followers they have on sites such as Twitter and Instagram; however, gaining Instagram followers is a more difficult feat for celebrities than gaining a loyal following on Twitter.

Selecting the proper visuals to upload is crucial in building up a following, and stars often have access to certain items or lifestyles that the average person can only dream of.  However, posting pictures of all of the bottles they pop, cars they drive, and jewelry they rock isn't always enough to gain the biggest following.  

Above is a list of VladTV's Top 50 Most Popular Celebrities on Instagram based off of the number of followers they've gained.  Since this list was created, the numbers are subject to change, and some celebrities might now have higher or lower numbers than they did when we crafted the list.  

Check out the Top 50 Most Popular Stars on Instagram above.  Who would you expect to have the most followers on Instagram?