Funk Flex vowed to "keep it 100 about Dame Dash" on Twitter yesterday, asking fans to tune into Hot 97 to hear his thoughts about the former Roc-A-Fella co-founder. Things seemed to reach their tipping point after Dame posted a photo of Def Jam exec Joie "Joeyie" Manda on Instagram, calling him the "Culture vulture's dimwitted assistant," among other things. 

The famed Hot 97 radio personality came to Joie's defense and had some other choice words for Dash, to which the music mogul responded to. Dame said that he would never come between a man and his issues with someone else, and offered to talk things out face to face. 

"Hey @djfunkflex would not have an issue with another man over another man... I believe a man should speak up for himself and I really hope you would never desrespect me over another man I'm 43 so what I will do is give you an interview live where you can ask me any question you want and joi can as well...I was wondering who was gonna defend him from our culture... Funny that's is you but...but I think you should have called me out of respect...but well talk about that face to face like men...your over 40 as well." 

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Source: instagram