Smack White, founder of the World's Most Respected Battle League, sat down with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes to share his predictions on the league's upcoming NOME 4 event which goes down Saturday, June 7th, at Irving Plaza in NYC.  

He began by discussing the sense of urgency he and his staff feel to put on a great and successful show following the unfortunate events that occurred at Summer Madness 3, and touched on all of the successful battle events that came from other leagues afterwards.

Smack then jumped into the actual matchups, discussing the clash between DNA vs. Ill Will.  He opened up by stating that he thinks "DNA is going to get killed," in a joking yet serious fashion.  For the record, DNA had walked into the room moments before Smack said that, so he was taking a playful jab at DNA; however, he does believe the victor will be Ill Will.  

He then discussed B-Magic vs. Big T, and explained to his many fans how exactly the matchup came to be.

Smack designed the URL to have every competitor face one another, and thinks that this clash should be interesting because Magic's relentless punchlines will be going to war with Big T's animated performance style. He believes that it is very hard to overcome Magic's punchline abilities, so Big T has his work cut out for him.

Be sure to attend Smack/URL's highly anticipated NOME 4 event on Saturday, June 7th, at Irving Plaza to watch how each of the battles unfold.