Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes got Smack/URL's Norbes and QOTR's Debo to sit down together and discuss many topics related to the culture of Battle Rap.  In this particular clip, they debated the battles between B-Magic vs. Big T, and DNA vs. Ill Will occurring this Saturday, June 7th, at Irving Plaza for Smack/URL's NOME 4 event.

While many fans and Battle Rap personnel have expressed some confusion concerning the matchup of B-Magic vs. Big T, Norbes assured everyone that the battle is unique because of the contrast in styles.  He did admit that the pairing came up out of the blue, but doesn't think anyone should count out this clash because of what Big T could bring to battle.  

Debo and Norbes then debated DNA's ability to defeat Ill Will.  Despite DNA being the Battle Rap veteran out of the two, many people view him as the underdog in the battle.  Norbes stated clearly that he thinks DNA will get beat down lyrically, while Debo isn't quite as certain of DNA's fate.

Be sure to attend NOME 4 this Saturday, June 7th, at Irving Plaza to watch how all the epic battles unfold.