San Fransisco 49ers star running back, Frank Gore, has found himself in the middle of scandalous affair allegations by an alleged pimp and two women who allegedly worked under him (no pun intended).  If Gore was a single man, then the allegations wouldn't mean much; however, he recently proposed to his baby mama Drick Parrish, who happens to be the sister of one of his NFL friends, Roscoe Parrish.  Frank's sister even posted the engagement pictures on her Instagram account.

In light of the happy family news are unfortunate allegations of not one, but two affairs involving Frank and two young women by the names of Kehaulani and "Yasmine," whose real name is Jasmine.  According to reports from Baller Alert, Frank became involved with Jasmine while she was underage at just 16 years old.  Frank and Jasmine allegedly met through Kehaulani, who Baller Alert reports Frank was actually dating first.  Frank also allegedly moved Jasmine in with him at one point when she was 17.  

Jasmine apparently works as an escort, according to Baller Alert, and they've apparently gotten in contact with her alleged pimp, who claims that Frank owes him $8,000 for the additional time he's spent with Jasmine.  The pimp in question has pictures of Jasmine in bed with him and another woman, and also counting loads of money presumably to split with him, on his Instagram account.  The plot thickens even more when you add in the fact that Frank allegedly sent "goons" to do damage to the pimp.  The pimp, who goes by the name "@ggthegamegod" on Instagram, posted a message to Frank on the social media site, blasting him for trying to send guys after him.

After the story went public, Jasmine deleted all pictures of her and Frank from her Instagram. However, various images were salvaged before she removed them.  

One commenter blasted her on the social media site for being a "side b*tch," among other foul descriptions of her promiscuous ways.  Jasmine has since taken to Twitter to address the situation.

Check out all of the drama surrounding Frank Gore's alleged affair with both Kehaulani and Jasmine, the drama with their alleged pimp, and other general social media scandalous evidence in the above slide.