Houston rapper Lil Keke chopped it up with VladTV about the so called "beef" amongst Houston rappers, his opinion on the T.I. vs. Lil Flip beef, and why Lil Flip never made it back to the top.

Lil Keke first spoke on the perceived beef between Houston rappers like Mike Jones vs. Trae the Truth or Paul Wall vs. Chamillionaire, and in his eyes, those weren't real beefs where things could get serious. Instead, they were small spats that got blown out of proportion because of the national spotlight that shone on Houston at that time.

The Screwed Up Click member then shared his thoughts on the T.I. vs. Lil Flip beef, saying the "gangsta" image Lil Flip tried to portray at the time backfired and is a big reason why he never resurfaced to the same level of popularity.

Check out the interview above.