Meek Mill recently stopped by "The Breakfast Club," where he shared his recent thoughts on Kid Cudi's recent comments about hip-hop, telling Arsenio, "I think the braggadocio, money, cash, hoes thing needs to be deaded. I feel like that's holding us back as a culture, as black people."

The Philly rapper said he didn't quite understand what Cudi was talking about, saying, "I seen Kid Cudi say "they rap about money, cars, hoes and all this stuff." I'm like, bro, we don't tell y'all what to rap about. If he choose to rap about sniffing coke, I ain't gonna say nothing about him rapping about that."

He added, "If J. Cole wanna rap about college, I might want to hear the experience of college. I've never been to college... Rap is rap. It's about how you putting them words together, how you making them flows sound on that beat, and how you making good music. You can't say 2Pac your favorite rapper and you ain't trying to hear nobody talk about the streets, Jay Z. You can't say it. What is y'all saying? I don't understand it."

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