eMC spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about a variety of Battle Rap related topics in this clip from their exclusive interview with VladTV.  

They began by discussing the infamous Canibus vs Dizaster battle, and how Canibus choked so badly because he lost the battle within himself to perform at his very best.  Punchline stated that he actually showed that battle to LL Cool J, and LL stated "I feel bad for the kid," after he watched Canibus pull out the notepad.

They went on to speak about the highly anticipated battle between Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don, and how they think the "playing field isn't leveled," due to Joe Budden's life having been played out in front of the public in ways that Hollow has never experienced.  eMC does believe that Joe can spit and will come with good material, however.  

The interview concluded with the guys addressing the slim possibility of competing in the battle ring in the future, and explained that their lyrical attention is primarily focused on making good music.