Waka Flocka recently got put under the microscope when pictures of him appeared on Instagram posted by an alleged side-chick claiming to have been with him just a month ago.  The unidentified woman didn't include her face in any of the pictures, and went so hard to "expose" him that she created an Instagram account just to post the intimate pictures of her in bed with Waka.  The profile goes by the name of "@ijusthavetokeepitreal," and contains four pictures of Flocka in bed asleep with a woman, who in two of the pictures, only included the top of her forehead.  While he was sleeping she apparently got out of bed and snapped a few more flicks of him from multiple angles to show that it really is him.

While the pictures were posted three days ago on May 12th, Flocka's fiancee ,Tammy Rivera, posted a clear response to the cheating claims with a few Instagram pictures of her own addressing the matter.  The day after the side-chick pictures were posted, Tammy uploaded a message on her IG account addressing "bitter bitties," and how "You can't destroy what God has built," which is a clear response to the claims set against her man.  Fast forward to today, May 15th, and Tammy posted an even more direct message letting the "@ijusthavetokeepitreal" side-piece know that her allegations have done nothing to rattle her and Flocka's relationship.  Tammy posted a picture of her and Flocka exchanging a passionate kiss along with the caption, "Meanwhile at the flocka residence."

It's clear that Tammy isn't going to be quick to believe the negative hype that various women might try to spread against her man.  Since the Waka Flocka bed pictures appeared online, other women have come forward telling Tammy that they saw Flocka using dating websites, but Tammy has brushed off those claims as well.

Check out all of the drama above.  How would you feel if a girl created an Instagram account just to try to ruin your life?

Source: bossip.com