Coco launched her "Coco & The Vanity Vixens" off-Broadway Burlesque/Dance show in New York City, on Monday, May 12th, and the event was a spectacular star-studded success.  The event's red carpet was filled with renowned stars from all sorts of professions, including athletes to actors and musicians.  Coco's husband Ice T arrived to support his wife's newest success, along with the likes of actress Tamara Tunie, actor Danny Pino, actor Marc John Jefferies, rapper Treach, rapper DMC, NY Giants football player Prince Amukamara, and fashion designer Patricia Fields, to name a few.  The show was also accompanied by music from DJ GQ of Y100 Miami, who kept the crowd in good spirits until Coco was ready to work her magic.

The show, which was created and directed by renowned dance choreographer Kellen Stancil, written by the skillful penmanship of Steven Cutts, and co-produced by Paula Caselton and Coco Austin, portrays the very fun story of 6 beautiful vixens on a journey to find love in the world with the helpful guidance of Coco.  They each represent different personalities consisting of Dangerous, Sexual, Glamorous, Shy, Naughty and Confident.  The various personalities really help to create a great story filled with interesting and fun character interactions.

Coco kicked off the show looking gorgeous in a pink diamond-studded curve hugging dress, which lead to her performing a very steamy dance that included her stripping down to reveal her busty curves in a sparkling bra and thong.  Coco and her Vanity Vixens, along with her "Boys", a flamboyantly gay male and a heterosexual male, all performed various comical skits and of course some very seductive dances by Coco and the curvy Vixens.  

By the end of the show Coco left her audience ready to jump out of their seats when she came out on stage completely topless revealing her portrait-worthy cleavage to everyone in attendance.  Her onlookers couldn't resist jumping to her feet, showering her with roaring applause for the show that she and the Vanity Vixens put on.

Check out some pictures from Coco's stunning "Coco & The Vanity Vixens Launch" event above.