Much like what Cassidy already explained in both part 1 and part 2 of his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, he further reiterated his desire to move past Battle Rap entirely in a recent interview with The Leak.  Cassidy began by addressing past rumors that he would be taking on a battle with Murda Mook, which led to him setting the record straight about his lack of interest in participating in Battle Rap in the future.

"Mook, that's my man now, too. We be talking. He even got signed to Ruff Ryders. That's where I started. So, that little thing about him wanting to battle me, he said he was reaching out to somebody back in the day. That sh*t never came to me.  I f*ck with Mook so I wouldn't want to do that."

He then transitioned to discussing current big name battle leagues contacting him with big money offers to participate in high-profile pay-per-view events, but Cassidy has turned down the offers and explained why.

"They just reached out to me not too long ago.  They want to put some sh*t on pay-per-view and offer a large amount of money, but the sh*t gotta make sense to me. I elevated from that. I'm not battling no more. The reason why I was battling in the beginning was to get my name known and let ni**as know that I bite heads off so that I could eventually get in position to start making money. I been making money for longer than these ni**as probably been coming out the house. So it's like for me to backtrack and go back to battling, I feel as though [is] the wrong move for me. Only way I would do that if it was like an artist that accomplished something like I accomplished it. It'd be worth me doing it, for me to even get motivated to want to do it.

"Let me give you another analogy," he continued. "You don't even gotta be Floyd Mayweather, but if you like even Manny Pacquiao, a person that might have lost a lot of fights. But even if a ni**a win the Gold medal in the Olympics, you not gonna fight the ni**a that won the Gold medal in the Olympics because it's even against the law for them to fight. It's not even the right thing to do. The ni**a that won the Gold medal gotta turn pro and beat a lot of professional ni**as first before he qualify to fight somebody like that. I feel as though these little URL ni**as—not taking nothing away from them—the reason why the views is going up is because that's one of the main places you could hear bars nowadays 'cause ni**as ain't really spitting. So when ni**as wanna hear ni**as saying something they gotta go to one of them battles and that's what them ni**as is bringing to the table. So that's good for Hip Hop. But for me to go and battle one of the ni**as that just battle all day, that'd be pointless and I won't even be motivated to do it. I won't even get nothing out of it. At the end of the day it gotta be somebody that I feel like be worth me doing it for."

How do you feel about Cassidy's lack of interest in stepping back into the ring and contributing to the current growth of Battle Rap?