VladTV got an exclusive interview with recently freed Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie where he discussed everything from how he ended up in jail, his reception from fellow inmates while he was locked up, and living drug free.

Boosie told us that now that he's free, staying out of jail will be easy because drugs - his biggest offense- are no longer an issue. He's living clean and sober and has a strict "no drugs around me" policy when it comes to hanging out with friends.

He admitted that he was always angry when he was first locked up, and used drugs to cope with the circumstances. He said that he was an addict, and never understood why the courts wouldn't allow him to attend rehab to address the root of his issues, and instead just locked him up where he had access to the vices that got him in trouble in the first place.

Boosie also spoke of his fellow inmates treating him like a "Don" while he was behind bars, but revealed that he still ran into trouble every now and then with things like fist fights and dealing with some of the more aggressive inmates who were also on death row.

Lastly, he spoke of knowing he was innocent the entire time, and worried that news coverage and public perception would ruin his chances of being released.

Watch the exclusive footage above.