Floyd Mayweather spoke with Big Tigger from V103 about his very public issues with Ms. Jackon during a Friday interview, and the pro boxer shared details about their separation, why he decided to post the abortion documents on Facebook, and how he took care of her and her family for a long time.  Floyd stated clearly to Tigger multiple times that, "I was in love with somebody that I didn't know."

Mayweather discovered that she actually had an abortion, and not a miscarriage like she initially claimed, while doing an interview with All Access.  Showtime informed him that the documents listed an abortion, not a miscarriage, which deeply hurt Floyd. He went on to detail how Shantel sold one of her expensive cars for around $80,000 and neglected to give some of the money to her mother who was still living in a less-than-comfortable and safe area, so he took it upon himself to pay to have a gate installed around her house to help keep her safe.  

The picture that Floyd painted of Shantel to Big Tigger made her out to be what is commonly referred to as a "gold digger," rather than a woman who truly loves the man she's with.  He explained how he came to learn that eventually, and how her behavior caused him to cease supporting her and her family the way he had been doing for so long, because he realized that she wasn't the person he thought she was.

When Tigger asked Mayweather the ultimate question of whether or not he thinks Shantel Jackson ever really loved him, Floyd's response was as sincere as it could've been.  

"After everything that I've been going through, I don't know," he stated.  "I can't really say.  I loved her."  He then spoke on the emotional impact that Ms. Jackson's miscarriage claim had on him, then only to find out that she really had an abortion behind his back.

"I'm human, I reacted out of emotions because I got upset.  She telling me that stress from me caused her to have a miscarriage when really she had an abortion."

On whether Floyd's feelings are still hurt:

"Yes my feelings are hurt.  It's selfish to only think about yourself.  Her thing is I don't want to mess up my body.  My thing is, everything on your body I paid for.  If we had the baby, I could put your body together again.  Everything I did for you I did out of the kindness of my heart, not for your looks.  Everything on you is fake.  You got a fake but, fake titties, you got work done on your face.  My love is genuine, I accepted you as you are.  

"I tried to help her build her brand, her name.  Get her clothing line up there.  If she's your queen you've got to uplift her.  You [Ms. Jackson] were just with me not too long ago, sexually.  Then you're courtside with some guy?  Whether you're having sex or not, that's not a good look.  Have some dignity, some self respect."  

Floyd also touched on any tension that may exist between him and rapper Nelly.  He claimed that although Ms. Jackson has been snuggling up to Nelly on Instagram recently, she actually used to talk trash about him while Floyd was with her.  According to Floyd, Shantel used to complain to a friend named Jacky about her relationship with Nelly.

"[There were] a lot of negative things she said about him," Floyd recalled.  "'He's on steroids.  He's broke. He has no more money.  He [Nelly] borrowed over a half a million dollars from Ashanti.'  I would always say that's not my business.  I really don't have anything negative to say about him.  As a black man i was proud of him [for 'Country Grammar'].  

"I've seen him at my fights, I've seen him supporting me even though he's said negative things about me. [Things like]  'I seen Floyd hanging with this girl and that girl.'"  

Floyd concluded addressing his turbulent split with Ms. Jackson by explaining how he believes she's changed into a person who will do anything for fame.

"At the beginning of training camp we [Ms. Jackson and I] were at my house, we were together, sexually.  She'll do anything for fame...With the baby thing, I was truly, truly hurt.  Truly hurt."

Many fans have been wondering whether or not this drama will effect Floyd on the day of his fight with Marcos Maidana, and he was honest in stating that he doesn't know how the fight will play out, but he'll do his best to win.

"I can't say how the fight is going to play out, but I'm going to be at my best, like always.  [I'll] listen to the instructions that my father gives me, and do what I do best, and that's fight." 

Since Floyd concluded his interview with Big Tigger, Twitter has been swamped with loads of fan reactions.  Check out what Mayweather's fans had to say about his revealing interview, above.

Source: betaplayer.radio.com