NBA baller Kris Humphries has been adamant about not having herpes ever since he was sued by a woman named Kayla Goldberg, who claims she contracted the disease after a one night stand with Kris. In new court documents Goldberg's attorney says that the Boston Celtics baller admitted that he's never been tested for the disease. 

The documents read, "Since the outset of litigation, Humphries has steadfastly denied having any herpes virus. Humphries has also admitted that he has never been tested for herpes simplex virus type 1. ... At the same time, Humphries has refused to submit to a test for sexually transmitted infections to lay this matter to rest."

Goldberg is now asking a judge to have Kris take the test to prove he doesn't have the disease. Documents reveal, "Good cause for a physical examination of Mr. Humphries including a test for sexually transmitted infections exists because Humphries denies that he is infected with any herpes virus, yet has simultaneously admitted to not having been tested for herpes simplex virus type 1. In essence, Humphries wants Plaintiff and this Court to take him at his word that he is free of any herpes virus while refusing to submit to tests that prove that is so."

The woman has made Kris an appointment on June 16 for testing, which will take place in his home state of Minnesota. Humphries responded by saying that "he has been tested for sexually transmitted infections," but doesn't mention herpes simplex one.