The always outspoken Lord Jamar spoke out passionately about LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and the racist scandal that surrounds him.  Yesterday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver laid down the full punishment on Sterling by banning him from the NBA for life, fining him $2.5 million, and also moving to get him removed from his ownership with the Clippers.  While many people were rejoicing over Silver's move to punish Sterling, Jamar wasn't as impressed.

The Brand Nubian rapper believes that Sterling is just one of many racists who hold positions of power in sports organizations, and that racism is still very prevalent in the NBA.  Jamar previously stated that "Blacks are guests in the house of basketball," and he believes this situation further proves that view to be true.

Lord Jamar also was not impressed with the response from the LA Clippers team, as he feels that turning their jerseys inside out simply wasn't enough.  Given the amount of money they make, Jamar believes that the excuse of "we have to feed our families" is "lame" and not a legitimate reason to refuse participation in a boycott.

Jamar went on to speak on the image of Black Hip-Hop culture in the NBA, and how certain players such as Allen Iverson were looked down upon from the higher ups who controlled the league, whereas Westbrook's "weirdo" attire is acceptable in the eyes of NBA execs.