Following the Raptors' 87-79 victory over the Brooklyn Nets last night, April 27th, Drake took to Instagram to troll none other than Kevin Garnett. The Canadian emcee shared a photo of Kevin Garnett's face during a broadcasted post-game interview.  The expression on Kevin's face was reason for Drake's trolling, as he stared into the camera with sweat dripping down his forehead and cheek with a very intense look in his eyes.  This led Drake to post the mocking caption, "Mad...or nah? See you back at the crib," referencing the next game the Toronto Raptors will be playing at the Brooklyn Barclays Center.

The Raptors' victory last night tied their playoff series at two games apiece, and the next one back at Brooklyn's home court is sure to be a very spirited match, with Drake's troll post maybe giving Kevin an extra incentive to perform at his very best.  

Once fans caught wind of Drake's post, instead of praising him for having the nerve to take a competitive shot at KG they countered his trolling with many comical jokes of their own aimed at the "No New Friends" rapper.  The throwback "Drake The Type" topic resurfaced on both Instagram and Twitter with fans unloading jokes on Drake in response to his attempt to shake things up with Kevin Garnett.

Whether you're a fan of online trolling or not, some of these jokes will have you laughing.

Check out both Drake's IG troll post aimed at KG and the fan reactions in the slide above.