The season opener for the return of The Boondocks shocked many viewers when they saw how quickly the show took major shots at currently incarcerated singer, Chris Brown.  Without the presence of the show's original creator, Aaron McGruder, The Boondocks created a new character called Pretty Boy Flizzy who is an exaggerated cartoon caricature of Chris Brown.

They used references from his life, such as his 2009 assault on his former girlfriend Rihanna, and his current incarceration, as focal points for the shots thrown.  

Flizzy's character was portrayed as someone who basically stayed in the spotlight due to his errors in judgement rather than for his talents, and also blamed much of his faults on simply being too intoxicated to remember if he actually committed the various offenses.  

Twitter was quick to pick up on the not-so-subliminal disses The Boondocks fired in Chris Brown's direction, and chimed in quickly posting many responses to what they saw.  Some found it quite amusing, while others weren't impressed with the first episode at all.  

Check out the fan reactions to Chris Brown's cartoon version, Pretty Boy Flizzy, above.  Also check out the episode recap if you wish to learn more about what happened on the first episode of The Boondocks newest season.