Turk, one of the original Hot Boys, sat down with VladTV to discuss new artists adding new spins to the work previously completed by himself and others who came before them.  More specifically, he addressed Drake's previous interests in recreating the Big Tymers, although Turk believes that Drake ultimately knew that it couldn't be done.

However, Turk didn't throw shots at Drake, and actually praised him for "paying homage" on his "Back Dat A*s Up" remake, but feels as though trying to recreate something that had such a big influence in its time simply cannot be properly done.  

Turk also stated that the likes of Drake, Nicki Minaj, and others of the current era of music cannot be recreated by anyone in the future.  He gave shout-outs to Drake, Migos, and others for their efforts to honor those who paved the way for their careers and current musical opportunities.