Lil Durk spoke with VladTV about his upcoming mixtape project, "Signed to the Streets 2," his strong bond with French Montana, and how important the concept of "loyalty" is to him.  He also explained why he decided to work on releasing another mixtape instead of an album, reasoning that it will only help him boost his publicity and also allow him to gauge how well his sales will be if he does decide to release an album.  

Durk transitioned to discussing his relationship with French Montana and how they came to meet.  While he wasn't featured on French's last album, Durk assured VladTV that he will be on his next one, and he will also have French featured on his album whenever he decides to release it.  Durk considers French Montana to be like his "big bro."

He concluded by speaking on his interpretation of "loyalty" and how he feels "people ain't loyal" these days.