Chantel Christie has been trying her best to avoid getting sucked into a public insulting match on Twitter with her Basketball Wives LA costar/nemesis, Draya Michele, but it looks like she recently caved and couldn't hold her tongue any longer.  Drama from the show has surrounded Draya's Dallas Cowboy's football star boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, as Chantel has claimed that Orlando was trying to spit game to her while he and Draya were either on a "break" or romantically involved in some way.  Draya has never really seemed too concerned about the situation, as she claims that Orlando never really wanted Chantel to begin with.

After Draya recently went in on Chantel via Twitter, Chantel clapped back with a major blow.  She too took to her Twitter and Instagram accounts and posted a photo of text messages and Skype evidence exchanged between her and Orlando back in June of 2013.  After proving that she and Orlando were in fact talking privately, she went on a serious Twitter rant throwing shots at Draya, but later deleted her tweets and the images of the text messages between her and Orlando.  Draya wasn't at all phased by Chantel's posts and later dismissed her on Twitter.

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