Kool Keith opens up about Eminem giving him a shout on "Monster," where the Detroit rapper said he was "Going coo-coo and kooky as Kool Keith." The Bronx rapper says that it was crazy hearing Em shout him out, and says that a lot of rappers that really look up to Em were mad about it. 

The Ultramagnetic MCs rapper understood where Em was coming from with the line, with all the different personas that Keith has taken on during his career, but adds that he feels Eminem "has a lot of issues with himself." He references Stan, Em's obsessive fan, along with the more personal songs that he's put out. 

When asked if he feels he invented internal rhyme style, Keith says that he's never felt that he's had to rhyme on the "rules of rhyming." He speaks about simple rhymes in the early days of rap, but believes that he was ahead of his times with his music.