Lord Jamar shared his blunt opinions about Justin Bieber and the recent turbulence he's inflicted on his image.  Lord Jamar honestly doesn't care about what Justin does with his personal time, and understands that Bieber is still young and stuck in that "wild and free" stage.  He does believe, however, that Beiber is "leeching off black music," and that he's used the black image to expand his fanbase to a wider audience.  

Jamar thinks that Bieber glorifies the lifestyle, image, and overall respect and swag that rappers carry with them, and therefore he is doing what he has to in order to obtain that image for himself.  It looks like Bieber is just another guest in the "House of Hip-Hop," according to Jamar's statements. 

Do you agree with his opinions that Bieber is "leeching off black music"?