Tensions rose and fists were swinging on this week's episode of Basketball Wives: LA.

Newcomer Sundy Carter pushed her limits with co-star Draya just minutes into their Palm Springs 'peaceful' getaway. The two exchanged a couple of meaningless insults about each other's past, but things got heavy after Sundy insulted the model's parenting skills.

While the cameras cut away and viewers weren't able to see what happened next, it's evident that the two exchanged fists when Sundy is seen with a bruised eye. With Jackie playing moderator, the two made peace for the night and Draya left the next day.

Both women took to Twitter to address the fight. Draya said little but did throw a few jabs towards Sundy tweeting, 'F*** yo eye and that baby phat sweat suit.'

Sundy had a lot to say following the episode after viewers teased her for her battle scars.

Check out her tweets above.

Source: twitter.com