Lil Boosie's "Came 2 Da Can" collaboration with C-Murder was released today, March 10th, and they both went off addressing some real topics regarding life in prison.  The message revolves around how people on the outside change their sense of loyalty once a person gets incarcerated, as they expressed how many people neglect to call them, write letters, or send money once in a while in order to help them through their time inside of the penitentiary.  

When it came to C-Murder's time to spit, he dropped bars against his own brother, Master P.  The pair have had issues in the past, and on the track C-Murder addressed them when he rapped:

"I used to love my own brother, but I don't love him no mo'/Don't want to hug him no mo'/Cause there's a limit fo sho/That's why I tongue kiss that Tek 9 and f*ck that fo fo."

You've got to wonder how Master P feels about this.  Check out the new track above.  What do you think of Boosie and C-Murder's song?