Game recently hit up Tim Westwood TV to chop it up with the UK DJ about everything from contacting former manager Jimmy Henchman while on trial and 50 Cent's comments on the situation to the roots of his friendship (just friendship) with Khloe Kardashian, including a possibly sarcastic revelation that Khloe used to stay with him in the hood.

On the rumors he's dating Khloe Kardashian:

"Ain't no situation, man. We cool. Khloe used to stay in a house in the hood, with me and three of my homies in a dope spot. Khloe, she was the girlfriend of one of my homies. Khloe used to have this H2 hummer, and she used to let us do drive-bys out of it. Could be true, could not be true."

On Jimmy Henchman:

"I talked to Jimmy via text through the prison system, and he's optimistic. All I do is pray for him, tell him to hold his head and wish him the best in this situation. It's a very unfortunate situation. Jimmy is one of the best dudes."

On 50 Cent's Comments Regarding Henchman:

"He ain't got nothing else to do, you know? It's them energy drinks, you drink enough of them sh**s, you'll start rambling too."

Watch the interview for more details of his label situation, working with new producers and a possible partnership with Cash Money.  You can also peep photos of Game's trip to the UK above.