Daylyt has once again made history in the sport of Battle Rap.  He and 40 B.A.R.R.S. turned up the heat in their main event battle for QOTR's "Caskets or Classics" event, but no one anticipated exactly how intense Daylyt was going to make it by performing his boldest antic yet.  VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes was present on the scene, reporting on all of the drama that filled the building during this historic event.

The show kicked off with a great battle between WeGoHardTV's Cee vs Deisel, as both ladies displayed great bars, punch-lines and solid performances which had the crowd amped up from the very beginning.  Following their clash was a very uneven battle between Ms. Miami vs Lady E.  Twice in a row now Miami has faced off against opponents who weren't mentally prepared for the battle, as Lady E wound up choking throughout the entire three-rounds just like Precyse did before her.  

After the energy had been brought down in the venue, the rematch between Ms. Murk vs Karma Kane breathed some life back into the hearts of the fans.  Both ladies put on a solid show, but Murk's punchlines connected with a much greater impact than Kane's, and awarded her more crowd reaction.  Overall, a very solid performance from both women.  Next up was a true clash of QOTR titans between Official vs C3.  This battle became an instant classic from the very first round and is without a doubt a top contender for QOTR battle of the year and should be considered among the Top 10 battles of the year in general.  They each went lyrically ballistic in this battle, and it is a certified "MUST SEE" for any Battle Rap fan.

Don Ladyii and Star Girl Lady Red went toe-to-toe next, and they both impressed the crowd with their display of bar quality and more polished performances.  They each elevated their lyrics, and showcased much better delivery that produced a very good battle overall as the crowd was very responsive to the both of them.  Next up, was the historical battle between Daylyt vs 40 B.A.R.R.S.

First off, this battle made history because it was the first battle to ever take place between a man and a woman consisting of a full three rounds.  Secondly, it was historic because of the incredibly bold antic that Daylyt whipped out - pun intended.  Now before I go any further, let it be known that this section of the event recap contains SPOILER ALERTS.  

40 kicked off the battle doing what she does best, spitting nothing less than heavy-hitting bars, showing everyone that her pen-game is always sharp no matter if she is battling a man or a woman.  She wore a very seductive and curve hugging body suit which was also very pleasing to the audience.  

When Daylyt began his round he donned his notorious skii mask and spit nothing but serious bars at 40, which he carried on for the first two rounds.  Daylyt utilized the angle of exposing the women of Battle Rap on exactly why they are not equal to their male competitors and that the lady spitters should know their place within the sport.  Daylyt even wound up pulling out a very religious prop during his second round to make his point clear.  It wasn't until the third round, after many quotable bars had been spit, that Daylyt did the unthinkable.

He addressed the crowd and informed all of the men in the venue who had an issue with him stripping down into a thong during his battle in London, to leave immediately.  The crowd feared what was coming next, and many men actually began exiting the building.  He later began rapping about how big his genitals are, and asked the crowd for a show of hands, who wanted to see his private parts, and that if at least ten people raised their hand, he would "whip it out."  Many more than ten women, and some men, raised their hand, so without hesitation, Daylyt climbed onto the top of one of the corners of the ring, unzipped his pants, and whipped it out.  

After looking out into the faces of the crowd, all that could be seen was jaws hanging low uncontrollably, and many women's eyes nearly about to pop out of their heads.  Although I chose not to look, along with many others including 40, many of the women around me couldn't stop commenting about how it looked like "a big arm."  The crowd was left stunned and couldn't be silenced for the remainder of Daylyt's round.  After the battle concluded everyone was in awe at the fact that he really did what he did.  Regardless of the fact that the battle was a classic when it comes down to the actual bars both Daylyt and 40 spit, it felt as though he 3-0'd the entire battle as a whole with that one antic alone.

For the record, Daylyt did warn everyone on Twitter a day prior to the battle of what was going to happen when he tweeted, "To marrow i get ass naked agen! Wshh."

Fans have taken to Twitter to comment on his bold move.  Check out the fan reactions above.  What are your thoughts regarding Daylyt actually whipping it out during a live battle?