Lord Jamar, a strong opposer of men in skirts, got in a Twitter argument with "Scary Movie" actor Marlon Wayans after posting a photo of actor Omar Epps, who wore something that resembled a skirt on The View. The Brand Nubian rapper originally tweeted a screenshot of Epps with the caption, "What the bloodclot???!!!," which caught Marlon's attention.

Wayans messaged Lord Jamar, "@lordjamar the real question is why you taking close shits of a nigga crotch and tweeting it? U wearing an invisible dress. #real2snapsupofu."

Jamar was quick to respond, "@MarlonWayans I'm not the one who took the pic it was sent to me...why u worried? U like that style huh? Lol."

The whole debate continued on Twitter, with both men taking shots at one another. Catch the full action in the above slide.

Source: Twitter