Snoop Dogg is a true veteran of the rap game who's managed to produce hits that have remained  relevant throughout the varying changes within the music industry, and with those changes, he's also made adjustments to his appearance as well.  Coming up from the days of hard-core "Gangsta Rap" to transitioning to more modern day club beats, Snoop has lived through the baggy jeans phase to the more unique fashion attire that is available today.

After getting in touch with his Rasta roots with both his music and appearance, Snoop has once again wowed his fans with a recent Instagram post of his freshly manicured fingernails.  Snoop posted a black-and-white picture of his left hand, showing how his nails were obviously polished up and painted in two different shades which appear to be black-and-white, but we can't be sure since the entire picture is black-and-white.  On his pinky and thumbnails, Snoop actually got small "$" dollar signs planted on top of them to show how boss he really is.  He captioned the photo "Hands of Time!!"

Apparently manicures is something that Snoop is no stranger to, as he previously got marijuana leaf images placed on his nails weeks prior to his most recent polish job.  Some fans have been supportive of Snoop's fresh manicure, while others poked fun at it.  Check out his balling fingernails above and let us know what you think of his manicure.