Basketball Wives LA newcomer Brittish, is now under the microscope as her future husband Lorenzo Gordon has been accused of cheating with a sexy Houston model named Nini.  An unidentified source reported to Bossip that Lorenzo has been engaging in a side affair with Ms. Nini shortly after he finished filming with Basketball Wives and was heading back to Argentina to play basketball.

"They met in the lobby of a hotel in Houston, not long after he finished shooting 'Basketball Wives.'  He was on his way to Argentina to play basketball but his flight had been delayed."

The source also claims that British is still clueless of the affair, and that he initially lied to Nini when he first met her, and claimed that British was only his girlfriend.  She apparently called him out of the false statement later on after noticing a tattoo on one of his fingers, to which he allegedly confessed the truth about his and Brittish's relationship.

"When they first met he lied and said she was just his girlfriend," said the Bossip source.  "After he was called out for having a tattoo on his finger he admitted they were engaged but he said he didn't want to marry her because she wouldn't sign a prenup and that everything was for the show."

The source is very close with the situation, as text messages allegedly between Lorenzo and Nini have been put out for the public eye to see, detailing some of their interactions and further hinting at an affair, if the texts happen to be legitimate of course.

Check out the text exchanges that were allegedly between Lorenzo Gordon and Houston model Nini, above.